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Primo Boxing / Health and Fitness strives to be the premiere amateur and professional boxing club in Florida. We specialize in teaching the combative arts of boxing with the use of classic techniques. We also offer a variety of fitness classes in which we utilize various forms of boxing exercises.

Primos Boxing – Health & Fitness offers a selection of programs in order to reach out to a larger variety of people through specialized classes and programs that cater to specific needs. We pride ourselves in being able to train anyone regardless of age, gender, ailments, disabilities, etc. The programs offered are based on different categories and needs of the people involved, this allows much faster results, more confidence and a better sense of values. With the Fitness Program, boxing techniques are used to condition the body to increase physical and mental attributes of health while decreasing fat and increasing muscle tone. Another Program offered is Primo’s Bootcamp, where goal setting is implemented and personalized programs will be used for training which will grant better results. All of the programs allow participants to increase physical health with aspects including Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility and so forth. Primo’s Boxing – Health & Fitness also offers a Kid’s Program which teaches children to respect their community while also helping them to gain confidence, giving them better composure and teaching them to grant respect to people so they are able to use boxing culture in order to give children a better future and give them a better outlet. The programs offer classic discipline and style in conjunction with new styles as well. Primo’s Goal is to promote growth and development of the youth while also scouting out talent as well. We also have an honest working environment which will ensure the focus of people while training or otherwise.

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